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What could be more insufferable than podcasting?

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Don’t worry, the podcast is still going strong—nothing is going to change there. The problem is the medium we have in which to express certain ideas. We’ve leaned very heavily on Twitter since the start to promote the podcast, find an audience, and figure out what we should be talking about. It’s been great, but it is also very limiting.

Twitter is a platform that monetizes attention according to opaque proprietary recommendations algorithms that show you content that will keep you on the site longer and let you see more ads. It turns out that endless hot-takes tend to keep people on the site. It’s not a forum in which you can really develop an idea of much complexity—the character limit aside, it’s also designed to parcel up thoughts into tiny bite-sized little pieces that can be reacted to individually. It just doesn’t feel very serious given the seriousness of the challenges we find in the world. We think building a left political project worthy of the name needs bigger, more serious ideas than can be contained in a tweet.

What Is To Be Done? 

We’re turning into a platform for published writing. Not ours, specifically—although there will be some of that. We’d like to provide a platform for materialist understandings of the world and of LGBT life to many of the writers we’ve been lucky enough to meet. Online LGBT media is liberal trash, but the accessibility of the format is instructive. There’s a long, proud history of Marxist faggotry, and we think we can do our part to bring more of that into the world.

There’s no grand end game here to build a media empire (Queerty, but Marxist is gag-worthy). We’re self-funding this as an experiment and we hope it will be interesting to people other than us. If it isn’t, we’ll still just be over in the corner podcasting our gay little hearts out. We can always pivot into posting thirst traps.


We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in publishing 500–2,000 words with a broadly Marxist (or materialist) point of view, on topics such as:

  • Current events
  • US or global politics
  • LGBT life (law, dating and relationships, personal accounts, entertainment, media, etc.)
  • History (political or LGBT, in particular)
  • Labor
  • … something else that we haven’t thought of yet? The podcast might be a good starting point for getting a sense of the areas that most interest us, but we’re open to suggestions.

We’ll pay you for published articles (modestly, but hopefully comparable to other publications) and help edit and refine pitches. We’d be particularly interested in hearing from people who don’t consider themselves professional writers or who haven’t considered writing for a publication before. We’re not exactly the big league, so it’s not that intimidating.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Send us a brief description of what you’d like to write at and we’ll figure out the details together.

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